In 2015, Founder Joe Kudla was seeking activewear that fit his versatile lifestyle; comfortable product that performed exceptionally well, yet did not sacrifice style. All of the mens yoga products were made by women's brands and the traditional athletic brands didn't feel fresh and modern.

Vuori's thriving active community in Encinitas, CA served as the inspiration for the brand. The idea to build activewear, that didn't look like activewear was born and the magic started to happen out of a little garage. Fast forward a short four years later and they have resonated with some of the best athletes across multiple disciplines, have partnered with some of the best retailers in the nation, have launched a women's collection and have 3 retail stores deeply committed to creating community events that bring people together.

Vuori means mountain and represents the view from the summit- the expansive clarity it can provide and awe-inspiring experience it brings.