Oiselle is a Seattle-based by women, for women athletic apparel company that has always loved to go fast, take chances. They make running apparel for female athletes of all ages, paces, and places and bring together a community of women who love to move, run, and fly. Their mission is threefold: make great product, improve the sport, and build the sisterhood. 

 Oiselle’s first year in the market was 2007. And while they started with an obsession for creating the first ever non-poofy, smooth waisted, well-constructed women’s running shorts (hello Roga), the company’s mission has become so much more. It has become all the things they love in sport: movement, connection, therapy, fresh air, vistas, self-awareness. 

But perhaps most powerfully, it’s been about celebrating a sense of freedom. And thus the name Oiselle (pronounced wa-zelle). A French word for bird, it alludes to that feeling of weightlessness that most athletes know and love. That sense of flight – when the legs go fast and the heart goes free.