elizabeth schenk

Cycle Instructor

Grand Rapids, MI

Elizabeth loves all things fitness! And not just physical fitness but fitness of the mind and spirit as well!  She enjoys being active and setting new goals for herself with the most recent being able to run a 100 meter sprint in 12 seconds because "Why not? I've never been a runner so it's a great challenge!" Elizabeth has been weight training for 20 years and has competed in figure competitions here and there. Currently a cycling instructor at Lunar Cycle, she loves putting together playlists that keep her classes engaging and fun! Fitness is a big part of her life and you'll rarely find her sitting still. Elizabeth has two adorable boys, ages 6 and 5, that keep her on her toes! They love getting out and hiking, taking nature walks and going to the beach as well as baking and cooking together. Elizabeth hopes to inspire others with her positive energy and optimistic outlook on life, as well as finding appreciation in all experiences. 


Weight lifting, resistance band training, cycling, sprinting


Alo Yoga, NUX, Varley